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15 year old dreamer from not so sunny Norway...

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Anonymous asked: Hey I'm Savannah..I fu*king love your blog. You seem like a dreamer, but that's cool...You should come to US, I mean it's lot of good inspo traveling around in the United states. If you'd like I can show you around in Florida, that's where I live, it may sound creepy, since you dont know me, but trust me..I'm not a total creeper ;) (Keep up the good work, I am going to buy myself a iPhone 6 'cuz Y~0~L~0) Bye

you have no idea how happy i am right now! I LOVE YOU! btw, next year im going to exchange in the US! YAAAY, can’t wait! My plan is to exchange in california or florida, since it’s so beautiful there! it costs extra but it’s now or never, right? if you can, please get off anon so we can talk! :)